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Teenage Students Raising Hands

Achieving My Dream

Current status

Achieving My Dream comes at a pivotal time, as low academic performance for various young people is a major concern in education both in the UK and internationally.  Many countries have seen declining attainment compared to previous years.  This means hundreds of young people fall below the standard necessary for them to explore higher education and to secure gainful employment.  


Belief system

Obtaining poor examination results affects morale and can contribute to lowered self-esteem. The impact of low self-esteem is often manifested in high teenage pregnancies, increased gang activity and antisocial behaviour.  This is compounded with high youth unemployment globally.  Clearly, strategic action is necessary to help circumvent this downward trend.


How Wonderfully MADE can help

Whilst we acknowledge that there are factors that can impede the progress of young people, we aim to counteract the belief system of some young people who may think they are from the wrong neighbourhood; they are from single/ lone parent families; they have a learning disability and or belong to the wrong race, culture or caste.  Our drive to tackle the very heart of the issues, that is the mind-set. Wonderfully MADE will:


  • Change self-belief

  • Provide the opportunity to raise aspiration and motivation

  • Create a positive outlook

  • Tackle mind-set

  • Improve attainment and results

"I have always been deeply moved by outstanding achievement and saddened by wasted potential" 

Dr Carol Dweck (Professor of Psychology at Stanford University and author of "Mindset: The New Psychology of Success")

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